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Facebook Suppression is driving people nuts!


Recently in "Sam Harris Uncensored" (Group on Facebook) there is a campaign going on for people to leave Facebook on Protest.  They are hoping for 5000 members to leave on Wed.  

This is becoming a real problem on facebook as anything posted against the Trump or the Zionist Agenda is being suppressed.  Pages removed, Groups and Major Suspensions of Facebook Accounts.   What is really telling, is that unless I told you, finding evidence of this cannot be found on Google or other searches.  However, it still is happening.


I made a post for people to share in order to bring them in the photo on this post.

This is a great time to pull people out of that realm of Mainstream Media and Suppression.  I would advise everyone on this Rabbit Hole to share on their facebook (if you have one) but you can also do so directly from the posting on Wordpress to Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

We have lost a lot of good bloggers and Moderators there.  Bringing them all here would be of great advantage.




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James Stewart
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