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A German contact told me weeks ago the people had cut power to the gubbaments and shut everything down. But that also the power to all civillians was cut off?


Apparently the controllers planned to shut down all the power to civillians so this was a preemptive defensive attack.


I also heard a few days ago or a week ago that the cops can't keep working. They are all too exhauseted. Their pay masters likely have had them working 24 he shifts non stop. They have been in martial law since their false flag attack and the people have also been protesting since then. I think it's been like this for over 6 months.


I have a french contact I'm trying to reach. But if it's true they have no power that would explain why I haven't heard from her in a while.


Anyways. If anyone can get some contacts in France they need to know they can't make a deal with the controllerz. If it's true and they shut everything down. They have almost established freedom. All they have to do is push out the corruptors and take control of everything for themselves.


Also interesting about the 19 nuke plants on strike. Surely the threat of meltdowns ect. Can't be that bad. Too bad you nuke heads won't give me any greasy details of the inner workings so I can figure this out.


Anyways a deal made with the controllers is defeat. There is no fair deal or reasoning with the serpents. All that will happen if a deal is made is people will go back into slavery. Only this time even more controlled and oppressed. And the controllers will build defenses so the strategies that worked this time cannot be used again.


I hope all this stuff is true and this is the beginning of establishing freedom. 



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The German contact was saying this happened in france, not germany. He has more contacts than I do.

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I dont have access to my friends on FB yet but Ive put a call out on VK to see if theres anyone there that may know more..will let you know if I hear anything.


Households and businesses throughout France have been left without power as part of a strike by union workers against the country's controversial labor reform. It comes as demonstrators hit the streets to voice their opposition to the legislation.

Power cuts in Saint-Nazaire led to some 120,000 households being left without electricity just after 11am local time on Thursday, BFM TV cited Loire-Atlantique prefecture as saying.

Electricity was also shut off at the town hall of Tulle, and over 1 million homes in the Paris region were switched over to a low-cost power supply, Reuters reported.

It comes after members of the CGT union at 16 of France's 19 nuclear plants – which provide the majority of the country's electricity – voted for a one-day strike Wednesday.

Along with addressing sector-specific demands, the strikes and power cuts are aimed at protesting a much contested labor law reform forced through by President Francois Hollande's Socialist government, which will make it easier for employers to hire and lay off workers.

Almost half the country's rail services were also brought to a halt on Thursday. The CGT said its workers briefly halted departures from the Gare de Lyon station in Paris by occupying the rail traffic control office.

The CGT also said it cut off power to the holiday home of the leader of French employers' body MEDEF, Pierre Gattaz, after he accused the union earlier this week of acting like “terrorists” and “thugs.”

Dock workers also joined the movement in the northern French city of Le Havre. ....continued

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