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Hey what do you think is the best place to live in the world?


Away from jewry and oppression. But also where you can be self reliant. Grow your own food and stuff.


Not too much parasites or conditions to make life hard. Good enviroment and climate. Like just easiest living and quality of life. 


If someone just wanted to be free maybe even live without money.


I know these are difficult it may be hard to think of such a place. That's ok if you can't. 


Just tell me what country/area/city you think is best to live in for your personal preferences 




All I know about it is apparently huge blacks were found there giants but when they returned they were gone. This made me suspect it was all a lie. These explorers lays used to lie and say the found crazy shit or treasure just to get money money from dummies for their "expeditions" which I think often included just sitting at home and making up an adventure later.


I looked it up really beautiful the mountains but glaciers?  Have you ever been can you tell me more about it?


South america is really interesting. I have become interested in Peru because of max igan.

My vote goes to the south island of New Zealand, 

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