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Hey yall. I'm after the kind of Hurricane brainstorms that shoot out massive bolts of lightening and vaporize panties and make hairs stand on end.


This is my solutions series I have been working on, please also check out the other vids on the channel which have related content.


Here are some points to ponder.


There is probably an unnoticed weak point. Somthing very small and overlooked that could cripple the power structure of these evil doers. A keystone that would comprise the strength of thier castle so we can break thier walls.


Let's try to look throuh history. Things like the byzantine empire. The national socialists. I have looked throuh here. And there are good strategies. But we are probably missing somthing. Jewry is very mysterious I keep finding new things about its origins. I feel my solutions series is more direct and the most efficient way to solve the problem. But it's also very likely I am missing somthing that world make this easier.


Also. Let's look at the strengths of this beast. What can we attack to break these strengths and weaken the enemy.


I think it's prety clear the same old strategies are not working and we need explosive new growth. People who think differently than the mainstream thinkers. Strange wacky ideas. We need creative people working together to come up with something new.


I think if we keep trying new angles we will eventually make a breakthrough.


We can also think about ways to wake people up. But I want to stress the point that waking people up is not enough. We must also start taking steps towards solutions.


As I outline in my solutions series: self reliance > community support networks > break dependance on the system > push out the corruptors > establish freedom, peace and prosperity


Another thing, a friend had us do was instead of imagining what we could do with no money. Imagine what we could do with 1000$ budget. As I always think of solutions that don't cost any money, this had me start thinking in a different way.


OK guys let's get a discussion going so we can learn and grow. Don't be a slug 

I agree with the solution you proposed: to create a community-backed movement with its own supply lines and make ready.


In NZ I can get 100 blank A4 stickers for $20 making them 2c a page + home printing so there will be no trace. I can courier them to people around NZ and get them all to put up stickers in their towns in one evening to make a bold statement. I just need to finalise what I will put on the stickers. 

I know the majority will think 'why should I care' So it should say this effects everyone... THE HOLOCAUST WAS A LIE - YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY JEW WORLD ORDER. WAKE UP!!! maybe? lol 

I want to add the and other things.... I am not sure if I will go for a full a4 page print or cut them down in half etc..

I was shocked to discover there was no peace agreement with Germany and that Germany has no real consititution - this means it is still a prisoner of war - the heart of european culture. Anyway joining Truth and Justice for German Society is a way to enact a consitution for all those who care about european German culture should check it out and show your support! $25 membership is a small price to pay to make a step in the right direction towards defence of the German nation. 

I realize this is an old thread, but I found this forum from Tinelle posting links on Youtube. So you can consider me a success story in this endeavor, as I am well aware of the zionist conspiracy to create a One-World communist Government ruled by a Jewish politcal elite, in which the goyim are depried of their liberty, wealth, nationhood, culture, religion, and even ethnicity.

There is not one single strategy that will work against this beast. Pressure must be applied on all fronts, and only then will these usurpations againt our freedom will be reversed. The most important priority in this movement is to forge a sense of community among those of us who know the truth (We should also find a good name to call ourselves, that isn't alt-right, or Nazis).

Studying the enemy is the most important aspect of developing a strategy for victory. We need to fully understand why the Jews are kicking our asses. What were the steps they took to slowly rise to power in our own societies? When we answer this question, we will know the methods we must use in order to take back power. Every single tool in Jewry's arsenal we must make our own.

The most unacknowledged battle is the one on the spiritual front. Unbeknownst to the gentiles, the religious leaders of the Jews are practitioners of black magic. They spend years studying Kabbalah, the art of manipulating the spiritual world in order to influence the physical world. They cast a demonic presence on gentile societies, contaminating our cultures, making our people depressed and hopeless. This demonic presence has no bearing on a pious people however.  I know, to many this may sound like a ridiculous proposition, however, if we refuse to address this, we will fail. Our lack of spiritual and religious life in gentile societies is our biggest disadvantage against jewry. The biggest advantage of Jewry is their superior spiritual intellect among themselves.

It is self evident, the Jews could not gain power until the Christian monarchs were removed and replaced with a weak democracratic government that is easily controlled by financial tycoons. Today, religion has completely failed in the West, and as a result, we have become slaves to the Jews, simply because the Jews are currently spiritually superior. They can dominate us spiritually, which is why many of our people (particularly the non religious, and non spiritual) capitulate at the face of genocide.

So the first solution is to actually promote the gentile religions, and our spiritual power. Our religious institutions must be elevated in society.

The second solution is to protest against the Jewish fiat currencies in our nations. On one hand we must wield our religion, but on the other hand we must sieze back our nation's money. The international bankers loan money to our government on interest, essentially, taking full control of our government. Imagine someone gives you a worthless piece of paper, and they tell you, "This is worth something because you must pay me back, plus interest", despite it having no intrinsic value. Our governments are being scammed by a cartel of cunning theives. This situation, coupled with the spiritual problem, is the main reason we are being enslaved. This financial scam was Jewry's very first victory against us. It was only after this that they were able to pick apart our societies piece by piece.

Lastly, it is of high importance to maintain our racial integrity. The reason for this is that if all the world's races and nations were to mix, everyone would be deprived of their culture, spirituality, and nation. The goyim would be reduced to a coffee colored slave race. Indeed, all races must promote themselves, and not mix. Our adveraries have maintained their religious and ethnic identity for thousands of years, despite being banished from their own homeland and reduced to drifters. Essentially, every single one of us must do exactly what the jews do, and that is to take our identity seriously. Do not let anyone insult your race, nation, or religion. Marry and start a family with someone who is of your own race and religion.

Hopefully this post serves as a good template for where we need to look for solutions.

Leeroy: I agree that out religiopus institutions should be elevated but this cannot happen until we have also cleansed them of jewish influence. It's a monumental task on its own right.

Leeroy Great to see you here, your comment is an excellent over view thank you for your contribution..

Keep that funk alive ladies and gentlemen. 

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